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VIZ Steel enjoys 9% increase in output and sales in 9M 2018

The leading global producer of GOES - VIZ Steel (NLMK Group) - has increased the output for the period from January to September 2018 vs. the equivalent period in 2017 on 9% (up to 128 kt), at that, the capacity utilization made up 100%.

VIZ-Steel improves energy efficiency of GO flats production

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group), the leading world manufacturer of GO flats, in H1 2017 achieved 529 k kW/h power consumption reduction, 677Gcal heat energy reduction, 772.5 k m3 natural gas consumption reduction due to the energy efficiency increasing programme. The above resulted in RUB 5.1 mln savings related to energy resources purchasing.      



24 July 2019

NLMK Group and LTC Group ink strategic partnership agreement

The strategic agreement with LTC, our key client, takes our long-term partnership to a new level. It reflects mutual commitment to joint long-term cooperation

6 December 2018

NLMK Group to develop energy efficient transformer manufacturing together with consumers

NLMK Group has signed a memorandum on industrial cooperation with electrical equipment manufacturers from the Eurasian Economic Union.

31 October 2018

Gains from VIZ Steel's employee-initiated improvements exceed RUB 65 m

The employees of VIZ-Steel submitted over 200 initiatives aimed at improving production processes efficiency in 2018

29 October 2018

VIZ Steel completed revamping of the Rolling Mill

The project that costs RUB 12 m improves stability and reliability of the Mill operation and reduce OPEX.

29 October 2018

VIZ Steel will construct a park at the area of the liquidated waste deposit.

Public hearings took place at the Ekaterinburg Administration to review the project that includes decommissioning and reclamation of a waste disposal facility of VIZ Steel

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Olga Chubanova
Olga Chubanova