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17 November 2017

The Best Foremen are announced at VIZ-Steel

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group) summed up the results of the Foreman of the Year corporate competition aimed at identifying promising line managers, developing creative potential and workers initiatives.

The multi-stage competitions with 23 competitors lasted for 5 months. It included on-line testing of personal qualities, sport competitions and business roleplays to evaluate communicational and leadership potential, and analytical abilities of the participants.

In the course of the completing stage 10 finalists presented mini-projects containing practical proposals aimed at improving operation efficiency, production processes and equipment in all divisions.

Ivan Alimpiev won the competition. He developed an IT for automatic detection of steel coils. The second prize was rewarded to Kirill An for an optimization solution for the Repair & Maintenance Shop dispatching system. The third prize was granted to a foreman of the Energy Department - Konstantin Lysov who proposed an efficient scheme for utilizing steam condensate for hydrogen generation.

The winners received certificates and financial prizes. All finalists also received certificates and bonuses, they would be included into the corporate talent pool.