22 November 2017

VIZ-Steel achieved 5% reduction of production specific energy intensity

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group), the leading world manufacturer of GO flats, achieved 5.4% reduction to 7.83 Gcal/t of GO Flats production energy intensity within 9 months of 2017  due to its energy efficiency improvement programme. Within the previous five years, the plant reduced its energy intensity on 18%.  

Introduction of new technologies, replacing of the obsolete equipment, resource saving projects and production process optimization ensured RUB 7.7 mln. savings due to energy cost decrease.      

Among the large-scaled energy-efficiency programmes, there is completion of air heating equipment upgrade that included full replacing of capacities that cover process demand in nitrogen.  At the Cold-Rolling Shop repairing of the solvents heating units and strip drying units of the heat treatment area took place, and electric motors of Mill 1300 were equipped with soft starters. Obsolete pump station  replaced at the water supply and industrial waste treatment facilities. Natural gas controls were replaced at the Gas Distribution Point, etc. The above and other Resource-Saving Projects ensured 781,000 kW\h (0.3%) of power consumption reduction, 866 Gcal (0.3%) decrease of heat energy consumption, and 1,183,000 m3 (17.2%) fall in natural gas consumption.