9 August 2017

VIZ-Steel improves energy efficiency of GO flats production

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group), the leading world manufacturer of GO flats, in H1 2017 achieved 529 k kW/h power consumption reduction, 677Gcal heat energy reduction, 772.5 k m3 natural gas consumption reduction due to the energy efficiency increasing programme. The above resulted in RUB 5.1 mln savings related to energy resources purchasing.      

The energy efficiency measures package includes the projects aimed at introducing new technologies and replacing of the obsolete equipment. This year repairing of the solvents heating units and strip drying units of the heat treatment area took place at the Cold-Rolling Shop, and electric motors of Mill 1300 were equipped with soft starters.       As for the power utilities, natural gas controls of the Main Gas-Distribution Point were replaced, waste water thermal treatment facility pumping equipment working mode was optimized, etc. VIZ-Steel completed upgrading of 2 Nitrogen Units. Nitrogen is used for steel thermal treatment.     The project will ensure 30% (9.1 mln kW/h per year) nitrogen production energy cost reduction, and improve supply reality of the GO flats shop with the air separation products.

Due to the consistent efforts made in the resources supply area within the previous 5 years, specific energy intensity of the GO Flats production achieved 18% reduction down to 7.79 Gcal/t.