29 September 2017

VIZ-Steel upgrades its GOES quality control equipment

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group), the leading global producer of GOES flats, would equip its coils preparation facilities with 2 gauge meters to provide accurate measures of strip gauge. The above ensures better GOES quality control as its magnetic properties depend on steel thickness.

The first device will perform warning function. In case of deviation from the set gauge parameters, the device will send a signal. Upon receipt of such signal, an operator will stop the line and move away portion of the strip that failed to pass quality control. The second device would record strip gauge along the whole length of the coil.  

In the course of the 5-years programme, ViZ-Steel would replace 12 out of 23 gauge meters.

Delivery of the new devices that cost RUB 13.5 m is scheduled on October. New gauge meters will be commissioned by the year end.