Environmental cases

Reclamation of industrial waste landfill Lesnoi

In 2006, VIZ-Steel developed the project called ‘Reclamation of the solid industrial waste landfill’, which was approved by the State Ecological Expert Evaluation of the Rosprirodnadzor Inspectorate for Sverdlovsk Region (№ 1786 dated 08.12.2006). The strategic task of the project is complete elimination in 2016 of the reservoir that has been there since 1965.

The reclaiming work began in 2007. The first technical phase included such operations as the construction of access roads for heavy machinery, mineral soil planning and laying of fertile soil. During the second biological phase, the metallurgists planted over 2,000 trees and seeded the slopes of the landfill with perennial grasses so that 75% of the area was restored. Once biological work in the remaining territory of the landfill is completed, reclamation will be finished.