Energy efficiency

VIZ-Steel is committed to making high-quality products with minimum costs. To this end, the production efficiency programs are implemented, including the introduction of energy saving technologies for the production processes.

Key elements of the strategy aimed to improve energy efficiency

  • continuous improvement of production processes to reduce the consumption of energy resources;

  • technological modernization, upgrading equipment, the use of new technologies;

  • improving energy management systems;

  • compliance with the requirements of legislation regulating resource consumption issues.

The company implements measures aimed at achieving these goals through the optimization of existing business processes and the use of advanced technologies. As a result of their introduction over the past 10 years, the specific energy intensity of steel production has decreased by 35%.

Key energy efficiency measures

  • Starting steam reformer 

  • Replacement of air separation equipment;

  • Modernization of lighting systems;

  • Optimization of technological modes of equipment operation;

  • Minimizing the loss of energy resources


  • More than 9.6 million rubles. - the cumulative effect of the implemented measures for the energy saving program in 2018;

  • About 1342 thousand kW/h - energy savings in 2018

Confirmation of the company's effective work in introducing the best available technologies in the field of energy optimization and rational use of energy resources was the certification of the Energy Management System for compliance with the requirements of the international standard ISO 50001: 2011 by the certification body BSI (British Standards Institute)