31 October 2017

VIZ-Steel launched LOTO safety system

VIZ-Steel (NLMK Group) launched LOTO safety system. It ensures mechanical blocking of energy sources and minimizes human factor impact on works safety.

LOTO system includes specific blocking devices, tags and locks that prevent supplying of power, gas or other energy sources during maintenance and repair of the facilities. Equipment can be blocked and tagged using an established pattern to prevent its accidental activation when R&M personnel is in the working area.  

This new system is launched at gas production and high voltage equipment maintenance sub-divisions of the Energy Department. Employees of the maintenance teams and technical services had a training, visual LOTO-cards were developed for them containing step-by-step instructions for safe locking of mechanisms and staring-up of the equipment upon completion of the works.  

VIZ-Steel aimed at constant improving of its OHS performance.  “The company introduced advanced technological solutions aimed at physical protection of the employees which is an efficient method of ensuring safe production”, stated Nikolay Gubin, the Head of Occupational Health & Safety Department at VIZ-Steel.